Dental implant in London from £76pm***

We place hundreds of dental implants a month for UK patients
Replacing missing teeth is essential to your overall dental hygiene as a gap leaves the remaining teeth unsupported. These may drift along the jaw line, making brushing and flossing more difficult. Missing teeth can change the shape of your face and make you look older and less healthy. So, if you have missing teeth, it is advisable to have tooth replacement treatment as soon as possible.

What are dental implants?
A dental implant is essentially a substitute for a tooth's natural root and is commonly screw or cylinder shaped. Dental implants are usually made of titanium, a metal that is well-tolerated by the body. Over time, the jawbone becomes firmly united with the implant. A small attachment at the top of the dental implant emerges through the gum. Crowns, bridges or dentures can then be attached to the implant by screws or clips. In some cases (but not every) before implantation sinus lift and bone substitution need to be performed. read more about dental implants
Dental implant systems used by our dentists Cost of a dental implant in Budapest

Implant * Alpha Bio
 (lifetime guarantee**)
Implant* Nobel Biocare Replace (lifetime guarantee**)
Implant * Straumann SLActive (lifetime guarantee**)
Patients can choose from our overdenturefix solution or tooth-replacement packages and can opt for the Nobel Guide™ treatment which significantly reduces chair-time and healing period. In case the patient has sufficient bone substance the implant can be loaded immediately. Also, implants can hold a variety of replacement crowns but Nobel Procera® crowns have the highest aesthetic result out of all metal-free restorations. Here are some case studes if you are considering to get overdentures or fix-solution package. Patients who lack sufficient bone mass may have been discouraged from implants or told they need to undergo bone-substitution prior to placing dental implants All-on-4™ can be a solution.

Solution for toothless patients
In case you have no teeth at all and you are looking for the best solution to restore your smile here is an infomative chart that shows you different methods of replacing missing teeth. Whether you opt for dentures, implant-retained dentures or implant with crowns  here you will find the best alternatives that fit your needs and budget. The chart also gives you a guidance on costs and treatment length.

VitalEurope's dentists who are widely experienced in implantology perform dental implant surgery under local anesthesia and oral conscious sedation.

Tooth replacement surgery pricelist

Surgical treatments
VitalEurope prices in Budapest
Extraction £45
Extraction (surgical) £119
Bone substitution per unit £199
Bone trap £90
Sinus lift including 1 unit bone substitution £789
Dental implant * Alpha Bio (lifetime guarantee**) now only £480
Dental implant * Nobel Biocare Replace (lifetime guarantee**) £740
Dental implant* Straumann SLActive® (lifetime guarantee**) £920
Nobel Guide System® £1440
* = Special price for single tooth replacement: cost of dental implant + £449 (surgery + healing abutment + temporary crown + standard implant abutment + porcelain fused to metal crown)
** = On material defects.
In the unlikely case of dental implant failure we will place another implant (same type) at no additional cost during the guarantee period of the prosthetic work on that implant. Kindly note, that we do not refund the cost of the failed dental implant or any additional cost related to this failure. This guarantee does not include any travel and accommodation costs.
***= Complete dental implant including crown £1,663 in London or £76pm 9,9% var. Subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.