Dentures £450

Dentures improve your health and appearance, restoring function for eating and speaking. Whether you need a full or partial denture, the appliance will be custom-made to suit your mouth and will closely resemble natural teeth. find out more about dentures

Retained-denture case studies

Get a complete set of teeth in a single visit

All-on-4™ implant retained bridge 
Patients who lack sufficient bone mass may have been discouraged from implants or told they need to undergo bone-substitution prior to placing dental implants. With the All-on-4™ technique, virtually anyone can have beautiful new teeth in a single visit - even if you have been told you are not a candidate for traditional dental implants. read more

Solution for toothless patients
In case you have no teeth at all and you are looking for the best solution to restore your smile here is an infomative chart that shows you different methods of replacing missing teeth. Whether you opt for dentures, implant-retained dentures or implant with crowns  here you will find the best alternatives that fit your needs and budget. The chart also gives you a guidance on costs and treatment length.

Removable and retained denture pricelist

Dentures and removable solutions VitalEurope
Partial cast upper or lower denture with teeth £550
Precision attachment £299
Denture (per jawbone) £450
Clip bar system £319
Overdenture (per jawbone) £450
Temporary denture per tooth (up to 5 teeth) £65
Temporary denture (from 5 teeth) £319

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