Pricing and payment plans

Crowns, bridges or implants can cost 3-4 times more in UK dental facilities than in Hungary’s European standard dental facilities. Our services will suit you if you are in need of crown, bridgework or dental implants not available on the National Health Service in the UK. Savings of thousands of pounds can be made even after flights and accommodation. The exact amount of savings will be displayed in your treatment plan.

We are happy to deduct £200pp from your total sum if you refer friends and acquaintances. You can refer as many people as you like to multiply your savings.

How it works?

1. Tell your friends about VitalEurope

Patient Referral Programme

2. If they attend a consultation in London, you get £50

Patient Referral Programme

3. If they start treatment & spend at least £2000 you get an extra £150

Patient Referral Programme

Start collecting money now! Terms and conditions apply.

For Budapest treatments you are required to pay visit by visit, there is no need to pay the whole treatment in one. Patients can pay with cash or by card in either GBP, EUR or HUF. Payments in other currencies are subject to the daily “buy” exchange rate as set by the Raiffeisen Bank.


Credit and debit card payments (Visa and Mastercard) are subject to an additional 1.5% surcharge, and are subject to the daily “mid” exchange rate as set by the Raiffeisen Bank.

Unfortunately we can not accept personal and traveller's cheques.

Payments by bank transfer in GBP and Euro are accepted if the funds are received prior to the start of treatment. If there are any changes made to your treatment plan, you will be billed or refunded accordingly. These payment conditions are valid for VitalEurope's Budapest Dental Clinic only.

If you intend to pay by credit card, please inform your bank in advance about the amount and that the transaction will take place abroad. Accommodation payments are made at your hotel, apartments are to be paid at the clinic.

The tickets for travel are arranged personally by you or with the help of your local travel operators.

We offer low-interest and interest-free payment plans from over 6 months to over 60 months for our London treatments. If you wish to take advantage of this option please ask our staff for details. Subject to status. Conditions apply.
We tell you how!

Affordable prices doesn't mean cheap quality dentistry - Have you ever wondered how it's possible to save 50-70% on treatment at VitalEurope? Here's how:

Major parts of the treatment are carried out in Budapest, where property costs and dentist salary levels are both lower, which translates to cheaper rates for our patients!

We are a large practice, so we buy dental equipment and supplies in large amounts. Dental product suppliers are happy to give us discounts that we forward to our patients.

We purchase the best quality in terms of dental equipment but we don't spend on unnecessary features; you won't find talking dental chairs and Persian rugs but you will find modern and comfortable environments.

We don't spend on unnecessary marketing. Most of our clientele now finds us via word-of-mouth or through agents.

The majority of our staff commute between Budapest, London and Paris in order to keep costs low.

We strive towards being green. We do our best to be sustainable, not just environmentally, but also economically and socially.
You can ask for an appointment by filling in our contact form or you call us on 0203 432 5957.