Budapest dental pricelist GBP

UK residents are eligible to apply for NHS reimbursement to reduce the price of their dental care. You can apply for refund after every visit of your treatment. If you wish to do so please notify your coordinator and we will help you fill out the necessary documents.
BUDAPEST PRICELIST - Popular treatments VitalEurope
Implant without crown* (Alpha Bio) (lifetime guarantee**) £480
Porcelain veneer per tooth (from 8 teeth or more) £299
Crowns (porcelain-fused-to-metal, per tooth) (3-years guarantee) £199


Routine treatments VitalEurope
Consultation (in Budapest) Free
Dental X-ray (small) (in Budapest) Free
Panoramic X-ray (in Budapest) Free
Scaling and polishing £50
Tooth-coloured filling (small) £50
Tooth-coloured filling (medium) £72
Tooth-coloured filling (large) £95
Yearly check-up £50


Implants and surgical procedures VitalEurope
Implant * Alpha Bio (lifetime guarantee**) £480
Implant * Nobel Biocare Replace (lifetime guarantee**) £740
Implant * Straumann SLActive® (lifetime guarantee**) £800
All-on-4 removable solution*** £7786
All-on-4 fixed solution**** £8236
Nobel Guide System  £1440
Open curettage periodontal surgery (per quadrant) £419
Closed curettage periodontal surgery (per quadrant) £229
Extraction £45
Extraction (complex) £119
Extraction of wisdom tooth £219
Resection (front) £119
Resection (back) £199
Sinus lift including 1 unit bone substitution £789
Bone substitution per unit £199
Autogenous bone graft from jawbone £1890
Lateral bone augmentation £1000
Bone trap £90
Gingivectomy per tooth £65
Vario-dock upgrade  £65
* = Special price for replacement of one tooth is: cost of Implant + £449 (surgery + healing abutment + temporary abutment + standard implant abutment + porcelain fused to metal crown)
** = On material defects.In the unlikely case of dental implant failure we will place another implant (same type) at no additional cost during the guarantee period of the prosthetic work on that implant. Kindly note, that we do not refund the cost of the failed dental implant or any additional cost related to this failure. This guarantee does not include any travel and accommodation costs.
*** =including 4 Nobel Biocare Replace implants + surgery + 4 healing abutments + 4 temporary abutments + 4 standard implant abutments + titanium frame + temporary denture + fitting of the 12 crowns
**** = including 4 Nobel Biocare Replace implants + surgery + 4 healing abutments + 4 temporary abutments + 4 standard implant abutments + titanium frame + 4 long term temporary (aesthetic) abutment + temporary crown for healing period + 8 long term temporary crown + fitting of the 12 crowns.


Cosmetic treatments VitalEurope
Crown, Bridge (3-years guarantee) (porcelain fused to metal, per tooth) £199
Crown, Bridge (3-years guarantee) (porcelain fused to gold – gold not included (approximately 3.5 g / crown, per tooth) £199
Crown (3-years guarantee) (full porcelain, per tooth) £329
Crown / Bridge (3-years guarantee) (Procera®, per tooth) £399
Crown / Bridge (3-years guarantee) (Procera Emax®, per tooth) £429
Porcelain veneer (3-years guarantee) (per tooth, up to 7 teeth) £319
Porcelain veneer (3-years guarantee) (per tooth, from 8 teeth or more) £299
Porcelain veneer (3-years guarantee) (per tooth, E.max) £399
Inlay (3-years guarantee) £199
Inlay (3-years guarantee) (Gold) £199
Post / Core £89
Primary and secunder telescopic crowns (3-years guarantee) £335
Aesthetic shoulder porcelain £64
Short-term temporary crown per tooth Free
Long-term temporary crown per tooth £40
Zoom Nite White at-home teeth whitening £199
Zoom in-chair teeth whitening £299
Non-vital bleaching per tooth £99
Gold (60%) surcharge per gram £51


Dentures and removable solutions VitalEurope
Partial cast upper or lower denture with teeth (3-years guarantee) £550
Precision attachment £299
Denture(3-years guarantee) (per jawbone) £450
Clip bar system £319
Overdenture (3-years guarantee) (per jawbone) £450
Temporary denture (per tooth, up to 5 teeth) £65
Temporary denture (from 5 teeth) £319


Complementary treatments VitalEurope
Dental CT (per jawbone) £100
Root canal treatment (per canal) £119
Bite lifting / Retention bench £99
Conscious sedation per hour £199
Pain-free controlled anaesthesia £29
 Prices indicated are for cash payments in GBP and Euro only. Payments in other currencies are subject to the daily “buy” exchange rate as set by the Raiffeisen Bank.
Credit and debit card payments (Visa and Mastercard) are subject to an additional 1.5% administration fee, and are subject to the daily “mid” exchange rate as set by the Raiffeisen Bank.
Unfortunately we can not accept personal and traveller's cheques, Amex and NatWest cards. The amounts are withdrawn in local currency: Hungarian Forint HUF. Please inform your bank prior to your departure about the amount to be paid abroad and inquire about any additional banking fees and exchange rate differences that are to be paid. We strongly suggest to consider payment in cash in order to avoid surcharges and banking fees. 
Payments by bank transfer in GBP and Euro are accepted if the funds are received prior to the start of treatment. If there are any changes made to your treatment plan, you will be billed or refunded accordingly. These payment conditions are valid for VitalEurope Dental Clinic only. For other clinics please ask our Customer Care staff.