Free consultation

The most unique dental consultation in the UK

A new beginning starts with us meeting you

For most of our patients, dental work is the most significant item of health expenditure they will ever pay for and it’s important for us to come up with the treatment plan that suits the needs of your dental health as well as save you money. A one hour consultation at one of our world-class clinics is the first step in the process.

FREE London consultation

Your 60 minute consultation will follow an efficient, set routine designed to give you all the information on treatments, prices and additional options you need. The consultation is free (excluding CT scan) at our Central London clinic and you will see the same dentist who will treat you in Budapest, providing continuity of care throughout your treatment plan.

You can either travel to Budapest – where you will save up to 70% on dental work – or you can have treatment in London. Any aftercare required can be provided in Budapest or London.